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Protecting your property against

Water Damage


The new products from leak experts

SOS Leak Detection.

Do you want to:

  • Avoid the costly and disruptive consequences of water damage in your property?

  • Significantly minimise the impact of a burst pipe during the cold, winter months?

  • Detect and react to leak issues before they become catastrophic?

  • Have peace of mind that your home is safe from leaks while you are away on holiday or left unoccupied, even if you have not remembered to close the stopcock?

  • Keep personal and sentimental belongings safe and dry?

  • Ensure your rental property is protected, with minimal disruption to your tenants?

  • Potentially reduce your insurance premiums and excess in the event that you have experienced a leak?


Water leaks in the home is the number one cause of domestic insurance claims in the UK today. The damaged caused by an escape of water can be costly, disruptive and upsetting to the owners of all types of domestic property.

And the problem is growing. The popularity of features in the home such as underfloor heating and en-suite bathrooms, an increasing number of plumbed in fixtures and appliances, more extreme weather conditions and contained and ageing pipework means the potential for hidden issues is greater than ever.

But many water leaks are manageable, even avoidable, with the right technology installed.


SOS Leak Detection is pleased to offer customers solutions specifically designed to protect all types of domestic property from water damage – the AquaGuard and AquaSmart [from our partners, Aqualeak]. These devices will detect a leak when it occurs, immediately and automatically shut off the water supply and alert you to the problem, helping to minimise the damage to your property.


Customer Benefits:

Firstly, there is the significant financial impact you will avoid:

  • Refurbishment and replacement of contents

  • Potential structural restoration

  • Costs of alternative accommodation

  • Knock-on costs from the impact on surrounding residential property

  • Increased insurance premiums and excess

  • Loss of rental income if you are a landlord


Then there is the intangible impact:

  • Finding and moving to alternative premises, along with the length of time you are displaced from your property

  • Loss of irreplaceable or sentimental or items

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So, give yourself the peace of mind that your property is safe from the risk of water damage and install a water leak detection and prevention device today.

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We can install and set up your device...

SOS specialist leak detection and property restoration, is based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, from where it orchestrates and delivers an award-winning, fully national service offering, so no matter where you are in the country, we can assist.

Unlike many organisations, SOS utilises only fully employed engineers to deliver our services under the guidance and control of the SOS management team, supported by our internal claim-handling team.

Our highly experienced team understand the needs of clients and customers. We ensure that only the most appropriately skilled and equipped engineers are appointed to attend to the customer’s requirements promptly, sensitively and diligently.

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