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Internet connected (Wi-Fi or 3G)

Automatic and immediate shut off the water supply when a leak is detected

Remote control of your water system from anywhere in the world, using its web-based app

Text message and/or email alerts direct to your connected device to alert you to a problem

Using innovative smart water metering, monitors real-time, daily and monthly consumption, to help users improve water efficiency, identify problems and save money on bills

Easy to set up and operate

Can monitor up to four meters for large properties

Allows landlords to oversee multiple properties from a single dashboard

Mains powered with battery back-up and Building Management System connectivity available

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The Aquasmart

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The meter will then actively compare this information against thresholds that are pre-set by the user and can be adjusted. When a threshold is exceeded, the device identifies the abnormal flow and triggers a response, such as the immediate closure of a valve

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